“What one cannot buy, one must do without.” NOPE!!

AboutHello, I am Tyler G and I like to Do-it-myself. You can accept that old adage, or like us, take the DIY mantra to the next level and fill your weekends and your home with fun projects, pride, and posterity.

Getting married and purchasing our own home soon after (aka: becoming mortgage holders) that was in need of many cosmetic changes brought us face to face with the expense of buying quality furniture and hiring out home maintenance, and the resulting disappointment when the craftsmanship of both proved to be lacking time after time. I always ended up suffering from the empty feeling in my wallet and grumbling loudly, “I could have done it better myself!”

The same goes for the particle-board bookshelf kits, the plastic baby bassinets that rocked themselves into a terrible squeak, and those annoying, very annoying, plastic baby gates that added five minutes to our simple trips downstairs.

Our solution to these frustrations quickly turned into… DIY! And from there the idea of sharing our journey with you was born.

This website and corresponding YouTube channel (TylerG) is our story of how we do the DIY life, and how we have turned my woodworking hobby into a purposeful money saving endeavor. We hope to provide you with inspiration and a little list of mistakes that you can avoid by letting me make them first.

The TylerG youtube channel will feature a lot of woodworking videos but not all, as I occasionally will share car fixes, house work, landscaping, plumbing, and pretty much every other area involving the challenges and triumphs of homeownership. I do not have any formal training in the field of woodworking or in mechanics or plumbing. I do not even have informal training because all instruction manuals usually end up in the trash.

So watch me figure it out….laugh when I do it wrong….or give a little thumbs up if you like how the project comes out. We would love to have you along for the ride, so bookmark and check back each week, subscribe to our youtube channel, and have fun watching me prove It’s just better to DIY!

Personal life:

Married to a beautiful wife named Bernadette, who is my creative consultant, Honey-do list maker, and partner in all things. Together we have three children, some of whom you will see in a lot of our videos and the youngest will be there soon!

I am an Electrical Controls Engineer and work full time in the automotive industry, designing and programming gnarly OEM machines. I love my job but am even more excited to get home and make sawdust and cool things with my family.

Lots of great stuff coming up, thanks for checking this out and we will see you next time!


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