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Getting rid of my Dust Collector…..For a BIGGER one!


As many of you now I have been running a highly modified Harbor Freight dust collector with an Oneida Super Dust Deputy cyclone for several years now and it has served me very well. In the old shop it was fantastic and I never had any complaints or clogged ducting. In the new shop, not sure if the new layout is to blame, but I have noticed I have not had as good of dust collection at the table saw and chop saw and I have clogged the ducting while using the planer. Time for an upgrade!

I reached out to Oneida to see if they wanted to put a system in the shop and they offered to place a new V-system 3000 and I was all game! This DC is a MASSIVE upgrade over my modified system. 3HP vs a “2HP” harbor freight motor but the biggest difference is the impeller. The HF model has a 7-8″ impeller and the V-System has a 15″ monster of an impeller, what a difference! Oneida also supplied me with a new ducting layout for the shop, something they will do for free for potential customers. I will probably be upgrading my ducting to a larger diameter at some point as I know the 4″ is really restricting the capability of this new DC blower. One thing at a time!

I also installed a Dust Sentry sensor to notify me when the dust bin is full and prevent overfilling and clogging of the HEPA filter.

Overall the system took me 3 evenings at 1.5 or 2 hours each to assemble. Remember I have the camera to move around so you can probably complete it sooner! But I didn’t have any issues and that is a good point for Oneida and their American made components! After swapping out the DC blower I fired it up to see how different it was before any other changes and it stared sucking chips and dust from all the different machines, so. much. power!

I did look into several different manufacturers before settling on Oneida and the biggest reason is they have a wide range of machines for all different types of shops and most important they had one right in the sweet spot for my shop!


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  1. Can I ask what you are doing with your old dust collection because I’m looking into get one like your old one for my small shop.

  2. Congrats on the new system. Your videos inspired me to do a similar HF mod for my small shop. Still a work in progress but so far so good.


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