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Red Oak Storage Chest with Solid Oak Edge Banding


As many of you know we burn wood pellets to supplement our propane usage during the Michigan winters. The wood pellets are stored out in the garage but I didn’t want to have to carry in single bags of pellets each night. The solution was a storage chest that will hold 8-10 bags of wood pellets.

This blanket chest is made from red oak plywood and is edge banded using solid red oak. I finished the chest with Ipswich Pine stain and several coats of water based polyurethane applied using my new Fuji Spray systems Q5 Sprayer.

The hinge, lock and handle blanket chest hardware is black and I was able to find all but the handles locally. Instead of shipping in black handles I opted to paint some galvanized handles with black spay paint, has worked out great so far!


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Storage / Blanket Chest




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