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Circle Jig | Cut PERFECT Circles on the Bandsaw


Today we are making a Circle Jig for the bandsaw! I have needed this project for a long, long time and kept finding ways around it but not anymore. One of the upcoming projects for the channel requires a bunch of rather large circles so I really needed to make this jig.

This bandsaw jig is adjustable so you can cut anywhere from a 2″ to almost 40″ circle, and it does it perfectly!

Several folks have asked me if I am going to offer plans for this jig but I am not as each bandsaw is a bit different. Use the video as a guideline and make your own to fit your particular bandsaw if you need a similar jig!

It has been a bit since I have posted or sent out an email, we had a death in the family and I simply needed the time to find my passion for this work again. Thanks for your patience!

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