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Bar Stools Using Loose Mortise and Tenon Joinery


Ever since we have owned a house I have wanted a breakfast bar with bar stools. Purchased house number one, fixed it up and moved on before I got around to making my coveted bar stools. We are settled into our second home now and the time has come!!

Bar Stools Supplies

I made these stools from rough sawn maple, that we purchased from a local sawyer here in SE Michigan, and turned into these stunning pieces of furniture! The lumber has spalted areas that I showcased so we could have a nice conversation starter in the kitchen. The wife and I were surprised how white the maple was when first dimension but in the end we decided to only apply a clear coat and couldn’t be more happy with the results!

Ambrosia Maple Bar Stools


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  1. Get looking Stools Tyler – really love your work and videos
    Question- I am also in SE Michigan – where is the locatioln you got the maple planks from?


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