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Dust Collection on a Contractor Table Saw | How I did it


One of the more common questions of late has been about my methods of dust collection on the table saw. I have a contractor style table saw, which has the open back and motor hanging out the back. To combat the dust collection I modified 3 things on the table saw and as a forth option I am careful about my blade selection.


  1. Insulation around the top of the cabinet between the box and the table.
  2. Closed in the back as much as possible, being careful to leave room for the motor and belt.
  3. Added a dust chute with a port for active dust collection
  4. Pay attention to the blade style.

For a longer explanation and to see what I am talking about take a look at the video on our YouTube Channel.

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  1. I missed the information you mentioned about the source of the dust collector hose. where did it come from? I put a Jet double bag dust collector system in my shop and connecting to the individual tools is a problem finding the right hoses.


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