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Folding Plywood Stool


This thing is sweet!  If you watch the video you can really tell how surprised I am that this stool worked well the first time around, very sold, easy to make and so very functional.


I have always wanted a stool / chair in the shop but didn’t have a good place to put it when not in use, the solution….make a folding one! This design is based off a small gif file that I saw on pinterest while sitting at the court house waiting to be called into jury duty. I got out of there, thankfully, and was able to design this stool in the mean time.


The stool is make out of a few scraps of plywood and a few pairs of hinges, that’s all!

You will need 2 pairs of 2″ hinges and 5 pairs of 1.5″ hinges and a bunch of screws for the appropriate thickness plywood that you will be using. I used 1/2″ plywood and am very surprised how sturdy it is.


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Folding Plywood Stool




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  1. This is great! I’m going to put one together tomorrow and get rid of my bar stool that takes up way too much space. Thanks, Tyler. I love your site and what you do.

  2. Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for the plans and video. Anyone who criticizes your stool needs a kick up the butt. This is what every shop needs, something light that can be hung on a wall. The video is good and the plans explain all.

    Thanks again,

  3. This is another great project. I plan to make one this weekend to use next week. I want to decoupage some images onto it (such a manly skill!) and I would like to put your logo on it. Can you send me an image file of your logo that I can print and use?
    I like the orange color scheme you use. Is there a reason you chose orange? I grew up in the land of UT Vols, so there was orange everywhere.
    Thanks, Bob


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