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2 Stage Harbor Freight Dust Collector Hack


Dust collection is such an important tool in a wood shop and it often gets overlooked as it is not a fun tool to spend the money on or to set up. I modified a single stage dust collector to include a cyclone and cartridge filter resulting in a DC system that rivals the much more expensive and powerful systems.

You can watch the video where I modify this Dust Collector below.

In this Learn the Logic series video I go through the parts that I used to make this system, some important dimensions and what I do and don’t like about the setup. If you would like to modify a system in a similar manner you can download the free basic set of plans below, a parts list is included in those plans. Enter your email below to get your free download.

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  1. Tyler, seeing your 2 stage DC gave me inspiration to gather up the remaining pieces to do mine. I have been dragging around a 1.5hp unit for years and since moved into a new house with shop it was time to pull the trigger. Your cyclone and trash can mount influenced how I mounted mine. The biggest difference is mine is mounted outside the shop (for sound) and it vents to the outside so no filter. I love having a dedicated system. Keep the great videos coming.

    • Andy, I’m living in a garage that has high dust content that can be seen via the security camera’s infrared. The dust is so dense that I hack in the morning and my lungs are showing signs of damage. Can you please send a link of how you made your dust disposer that is placed on the outside? A video would be great. My email address is kennyhendrick@yandex.com Thanks for any response you might avail.

  2. The 4″ pcv Sewer and Water pipe that you used in your dust collections system. I was trying to find at Menards and I think i found it but it looks like it is corrugated inside but that may just be the picture. Do you have the link for the stuff you used?

    Thank YOu

  3. Hey Tyler
    Can I get a part number for filter. I want to know what filter u put on there and what size dust deputy did u use normal or XL.

    Thanks Tyler


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