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LTL Double Flip-Top Workstation


The learn the logic series is a series of videos where I go through details of a past project and explain why I designed and built the thing the way I did.

In this LTL I go through the DIYTyler Double Flip-Top Workstation, one of my all time favorite builds. This tool allows you to have 4 tools in a space where you would usually only be able to have to.

I do have plans available for so you can build your own.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any additional questions you think I should answer in future videos leave them in the comments!





  1. I saw your newest LTL Flip Top Workbench video where you asked for ideas for a plug in solution.

    Two ideas came to mind: 1. Bind each tool’s cords as you would to store them and secure a thin width power strip on the horizontal brace between the two flip top pieces. When a tool needs to be flipped, simply unplug the tool from the strip and it is already bound, ready to flip.

    2. Have one cord for all four tools and do this https://youtu.be/im1HF7HEz7g. You’d be permanently altering the tools but you’d have one cord and you could plug and play each as you flip.


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