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How to Make a Crib | Limited Tools Project


In this video I use one sheet of plywood and limited tools to build a portable crib for when we are up north at the family’s lake house. This crib allows a mother and child to safely sleep together without taking up too much mattress room or risk of smothering.


This is the third co-sleeper crib that I have made but this design is much simpler a can be completed with only a jig saw and drill. The first two that I built were very complicated and took a lot of time to complete.


I have put together a free set of plans that you can download by following the link below. (Signup for Project Newsletter Mailing list to get the file.)

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If you build one be sure to shoot me an email so I can see, love to see what you guys are up to! Thanks for checking this build out and take care


  1. Hi Tyler, Im from Chile and really like your co-sleeper crib proyect, I signup to recieve the all proyect, but I didn’t recieve it. Please can you send it to my email adress? Or tell me where can I have it. I’m going to have my first baby on november and I’d like to be prepare. Waiting for your answer. Kathy.

  2. I would love to have a copy of plans to make this baby crib. It’s truly amazing. How can i get them? Thanks Nancy


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