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Portable Paint Spray Booth | How To


I don’t know about you guys but do you really want any over-spray from your paint spray to drift all over your yard and valuables? Not me! This idea of a portable, popup, paint sprayer booth has been bouncing around in my head for some time and these last few weeks I was finally able to come up with a set of plans and make the thing….it’s awesome!

You can quickly carry this spray unit outside, set it up in a matter of seconds, spray your paint with all the over-spray being captured by the built in evacuation fan and filter. Awesome! I have put together a set of plans to accompany the build video (HERE) if you would like the build this portable paint spray booth. The plans are in PDF form and are available below.


Filter is any 20x20x1 filter. I used THIS one from Lowes.

Rivets are 5/32″ x 1/4″ Amazon (Affiliate) https://goo.gl/TxL8bP

Some Tools I Used

Affiliate links.

The roller I use to spread the glue at 3:17 is called a brayer roller.

Glue Bottle

Cordless Nailer

Portable Paint Spray Booth Plans

To purchase the plans click on the link below, you will also be subscribed to the DIYTyler project newsletter while you are at it! Thanks for the support, it is a huge help to keep the projects rolling.


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  1. Tyler,
    I just watched Jay’s tour of your shop and was impressed. I really liked the portable spray booth and wanted to build one but later became concerned about the potential fire or explosion risk when using aerosol spray paint. It would seem that the spray vapor might be ignited by the fan motor brushes which produce a small arc when the fan is running.

    How do you minimize the explosion or fire risk?


    • John,

      I understand the concern. My hope is that the filter will collect any vapor before it gets to the fan and overall that having the filter and fan to collect over spray is better than breathing it in. Just my thoughts.

  2. Hey there,
    I know it’s been a while, but I bought the plans, but didn’t see what hinges were purchased… any links for those?


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