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How to make a Self Centering Doweling Jig

This week I made my second edition of the self-centering doweling jig. I made one of these back in the day before I stated making youtube videos but there were some major drawbacks to my edition 1.0. The dowel jig works as shown in the gif below. (so cool!)

To join two boards you first need to align the alignment dowel pin against the first piece of stock (part “A”) you want to joint, pinch the centering side walls together thus centering the bushings over the stock, drill your hole (S) through side “A” of the doweling jig. To drill the holes in the second piece of stock you flip the doweling jig over to side “B” and repeat the process.

My first edition which you can see below was a bit of a pain to use, you had to dismantle the unit each time you flipped the jig over to drill from the other side. In the new edition you do not have to take anything apart, simply drill your dowel holes from side “A” into your first board, grab your second board, align the jig and drill from side “B”…done!
***New! Free set of plans for you to build your own!*** Let me know how your turns out!

File Size: 1026 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File




 Check out the build video below and if you guys have any questions please comment.

More pictures of doweling jig edition 2.0 below. Captions explain the process, enjoy!

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  1. Hola: he descargado el archivo PDF para hacer una plantilla para colocación de tarugos (espigas, clavijas). Voy a seguir los pasos y te cuento.

    Saludos y muchas gracias por permitir descargar el archivo.


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