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Cord Reel

This wasn’t really what I had planned to put out this weekend but sometimes you just have to make something you need! This reel was super easy to make and I will certainly have to make a bunch more to hold my other extension cords and Christmas lights. Check out the video below to see how I make this simple reel.

Just below is a 1:1 template that you can print, glue together (it’s on two pages) and glue on to your plywood. Feel free to use and give away!

Thanks for looking folks and we will see you next time.

File Size: 18 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

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  1. I was thinking of something similar but thenI found your plan andI love the shape and simplicity of your design.
    Do you havea Sketchup of this that youcould send me?

    I am a subscriber of your channel and like this video


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