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Kitchen Refresh 2014

When we purchased our house in 2012 you had to walk through the house with vision for the future, great vision. I knew the house would be a perfect start for us but my wife had a little more trouble envisioning what a few cosmetic changes would do. One of the biggest issues was very dark T1-11 paneling in the kitchen area. The dark paneling made the room seem very dim and close and would smell a bit musty when the humidity was high.
After living here for a year we decided to do a cheap temporary refresh in the kitchen and save up some more for the total kitchen re-model. We had already decided to paint our kitchen cabinets (which we might rebuild, at least the doors anyway) when we remodel and wanted to try the color we want to paint the cabinets on the walls to see how we like it. The shade we are looking at is a mix of blue, gray and green which I had stumbled across on April Wilkerson’s website, HERE. We will certainly be using the chalk pain method when we paint the cabinets.

We decided to leave the paneling up for now and simply prime and paint over it. We thought that braking up the walls would be nice so we did a two color wall with a chair-rail to break it up. The final results were stunning, really amazing how much a little paint can changed a room! The kitchen seems bigger and is much, much brighter now even though the cabinets remained unchanged, also sealing with primer seems to have really cut down the musty smell.

A collage photo of the dining side.
And the cooking side.
Much will change when we re-model, floor, counter tops, cabinets will be painted the blue/green that you see in these pictures, ceiling will change….have a really cool idea for that…..lights will change, pantry doors will change, appliances will be new and some moved/removed, new cabinets in a few places and so on! BUT, the hundred or so dollars was well spent to update the kitchen to our 2014 standards!

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