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Folding Plywood Stool

This thing is sweet!  If you watch the video you can really tell how surprised I am that this stool worked well the first...

Miter Saw Station Part 2 | Drawers | Fence | Dust...

I know you guys have been eagerly waiting for this! The Miter Saw Station is finally complete and it looks AMAZING! I was debating...

Fine Woodworking


Red Oak Storage Chest with Solid Oak Edge Banding

As many of you know we burn wood pellets to supplement our propane usage during the Michigan winters. The wood pellets are stored out...

Bar Stools Using Loose Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Ever since we have owned a house I have wanted a breakfast bar with bar stools. Purchased house number one, fixed it up and...

Home Impromement


Mega Rotating Shoe Rack

I think I have the solution to the massive pile of shoes in your closet! This rotating shoe rack will take your messy closet...

Simple DIY Window Cornice

In this video I make a few window cornice to add a final touch to our great room remodel. I made these mostly out...

Build a Staircase Railing

Outdoor Projects


World’s Greatest Playset Full Reveal | Part 2

The world's greatest playset is finished! If you have not seen the first video you can watch that here ( and that will get...

Building the World’s Greatest Swing Set | Part 1

This swing set build is probably one of my top 5 favorite builds of all time! The kids love it, neighbor kids love it...


How to Build a DIY Tracing Light Box

Gone are the days where you need daylight and a big Bay window to trace projects for homework arts, and crafts. Today I am...

Super Cute Kids Bookshelves

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to think about gifts again.These fun little bookshelves are a great way to encourage your child...

Cord Reel


CNC Laminated Welcome Sign

Wanted to make a welcome sign for my parents house but to make it a bit unique I wanted to make it out of...

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