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Folding Plywood Stool

This thing is sweet!  If you watch the video you can really tell how surprised I am that this stool worked well the first...

Miter Saw Station Part 2 | Drawers | Fence | Dust...

I know you guys have been eagerly waiting for this! The Miter Saw Station is finally complete and it looks AMAZING! I was debating...

Fine Woodworking


Bar Stools Using Loose Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Ever since we have owned a house I have wanted a breakfast bar with bar stools. Purchased house number one, fixed it up and...

Tensegrity Wood / Metal Side Tables

In this video I make some tables that are inspired by the stunning tensegrity designs. These are made from spalted ash wood and have...

Home Impromement


Simple DIY Window Cornice

In this video I make a few window cornice to add a final touch to our great room remodel. I made these mostly out...
Bamboo Floorvideo

Bamboo Floor Installation Tips and Tricks

In this weeks video I take you through some of the steps that I took to install our 1/2" stranded bamboo flooring in our...

Build a Staircase Railing

Cord Reel

Outdoor Projects


World’s Greatest Playset Full Reveal | Part 2

The world's greatest playset is finished! If you have not seen the first video you can watch that here ( and that will get...

Building the World’s Greatest Swing Set | Part 1

This swing set build is probably one of my top 5 favorite builds of all time! The kids love it, neighbor kids love it...


How to Build a DIY Tracing Light Box

Gone are the days where you need daylight and a big Bay window to trace projects for homework arts, and crafts. Today I am...

Super Cute Kids Bookshelves

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to think about gifts again.These fun little bookshelves are a great way to encourage your child...

Cord Reel


CNC Laminated Welcome Sign

Wanted to make a welcome sign for my parents house but to make it a bit unique I wanted to make it out of...